Redhead BBW


If you Crave a lady who leaves you with that mind boggling experience that takes your breath away & has you planning your next visit,,Only moments after leaving her presence, Contacting ME Will be Beneficial to You… Always sweet, soft, smooth, and smelling nice with a smile on my face. I love what I do and it shows! Vivacious, Sensuous, Classy & Sexy are all words that Describe me…I have a clean, safe hideaway just mins from the strip or I am mobile and can come to you! No explicit questions/pics, blocked calls, or hard times. Lets keep it all smiles! 

Privacy and Discretion are Guaranteed from Me & Expected from You.


I love Gentlemen who aren’t afraid to talk and cary on a conversation about anything, from their jobs, to where they’ve traveled and everything in-between. I am a fully grown educated woman and very capable of carrying on a meaningful conversation.


Coach is my signature brand! I love any extra gifts (chocolates, cupcakes, a good Moscato, jewlery…etc…) that my clients would like to bring me anytime of the year! :) My Birthday is in April


My back is a huge erogenous zone and when kissed, nibbled, and touched just right it feels like electricity shooting through my body and it’s very intense…


I hope you know how to swim…I have been known to make a few Tsunamis…make sure there are extra towels and the covers are pulled down so you’ll have a drw place to sleep when we’re done.


Do you like the all you can eat buffet? It is the sweetest you ever have and ever will taste…